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There are many reasons to turn to us in Auckland for retaining walls—let’s explore why this service benefits so many clients in the area.

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Benefits of Building a Retaining Wall

If you see any erosion on your property, it’s time to contact us. Sometimes, ground cover or the trimming of surrounding trees can control erosion, but if the erosion is more serious, a retaining wall will provide essential benefits. 


  • We know that heavy rain or flooding can damage your home. To avoid these problems, we offer excavation for retaining walls in Auckland. Once built, the walls will help manage runoff and divert the water to another area. Our professionals understand local regulations and will provide lasting results. 
  • Assess your needs proactively before your soil begins to erode. Often, when home foundations settle, the dirt will shift, and erosion may begin. We can add value to your home by helping you to detect and avoid these future issues.
  • A retaining wall can create more space to enjoy your property if you live on an incline. We can excavate and reinforce the land for the retaining wall, and you’ll find yourself with a convenient flat area for your own use. 
  • While retaining walls may appear to be aesthetic features, we understand the fine engineering that these structures demand. You don’t want your wall subject to bulging or cracking from pressure. While your retaining wall will look beautiful, we ensure that it will also hold up no matter how intense the weight from outside sources. 

Why Our Team Is Your First Choice for Retaining Walls


We ensure that the foundation is secure and the soil is well compacted.


It is essential to avoid water pushing against the wall or saturating the ground, placing undo weight on the wall in the process. We address the drainage around the wall and ensure it will move away from the structure during heavy rain.


We will layer the backfill correctly to avoid drainage damage.

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A Few Reasons to Call Us Rather Than Doing-It-Yourself

  • We can handle earthworks with commercial-grade machines backed by our years of experience operating them. 
  • The simplicity of a retaining may leave you with the impression that it is easy to build. What we understand is the physics behind the project. Managing structural integrity is what we do best; the final product will be one that you can depend on for years. 

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