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You’ve purchased your dream property, and now it’s time to prepare the land to build on it—or maybe you’ve purchased a new home and just desire a different driveway. We are here to serve every need you have for earthworks in Auckland. Here are some earthworks services that we can offer you:

    • Site prep is a critical first step before construction can begin on your home. We take special care in excavating by stripping the topsoil and stockpiling it before building it back with appropriate fill and then compacting it. We will then trim the land to create a level surface.
    • Every property is unique in size. We have a range of diggers that can tackle small residential land areas plus equipment ready to transform a large plot into multiple ones.
    • Earthwork is critical for driveways, especially if there is a threat of heavy rainfall. Building a driveway on the appropriate grade and with the right materials is essential. A steep driveway takes experience to grade correctly. We will study the soil type and understand area-specific rainfall to ensure it disperses water properly. We’ll follow up to complete a thorough job compacting the soil. 
    • Maybe you own a home and are looking to reinforce a retaining wall. Whether you need repair work or building from scratch, we are the business to solve all your issues.

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    We understand your home is close to your heart, and we know you will be delighted with our work on your property. 

    • We take every job seriously and do not believe in shortcuts. Our work is thorough. 
    • We will communicate with you throughout the project so that you feel comfortable that our work is proceeding smoothly. 
    • With over 30 years of experience in the area, we are familiar with the land your property resides on and understand the nuances of the soil type and weather.
    • Whether excavating for a multi-story building or repairing a small driveway, we’ll ensure that the final product is stable for years to come.

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    As a family-run business, we handle residential, commercial, and civil earthworks in Auckland. We will travel as far north as Whangarei and south as Pukekohe. If you want dependable quality, work done in a reasonable timeframe, and accurate and fair pricing, then let us be your first choice for your next project.

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