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HBC Earthworks is a leading builder for driveways in Auckland, working with materials from concrete and asphalt to gravel to brick. We can help you upgrade your home with a brand-new place to park. Our experienced team can help you choose the best driveway for your needs. Whether you are building a new driveway or upgrading an old one to increase your property’s curb appeal, we can get the job done quickly and safely.

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New Driveway Installations

We can lay a driveway outside your new-build home or add one to an older property that only offers street parking. Land preparation is crucial to ensure your driveway lasts, preventing cracking, dampness, and other damages. Our new driveway installation service includes:

  • Site levelling – We may need to excavate or fill holes in the soil to create an even surface that will serve as the base for your driveway. 
  • Ground compacting – Compacting the soil on the site ensures it is stable and strong enough to support heavy loads. We may include gravel or base metalling between soil layers for extra strength.
  • Drainage – Our team will create a drainage design for your driveway so that water runs off the surface without pooling and causing damage. 
  • Surface treatment – Our final steps are laying reinforcement materials and formwork and pouring the concrete, laying the bricks, or distributing the gravel for your brand-new driveway. 

    Driveway Repairs and Replacements

    If you notice cracks, pooling water, sunken areas, edge disintegration, potholes, or an uneven surface, you may need to repair or replace your driveway. Ignoring damaged asphalt or concrete can lead to structural issues that may be costly to repair. Our driveway repair services include:


    Addressing cracked driveways

    We can patch and seal cracks and holes in asphalt or concrete to prevent them from spreading across the surface and allowing water to penetrate the sub-layers of the driveway.


    Driveway resurfacing

    We remove and replace damaged areas of your driveway and may relay the supportive sub-layer of gravel or base metal. Driveway repairs can replace large areas of crumbling or sinking concrete or asphalt.


    Driveway replacements

    If your driveway is over 15 years old and has deep cracks and pits on the surface, it may be time for a replacement. This option is a long-term solution that upgrades your home with an attractive, functional driveway. 

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    HBC Earthworks has been building high-quality driveways in Auckland for over 30 years. We are a family-owned business committed to personal service and professionalism, and we prioritise safety and clear communication on- and off-site for all our projects.

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